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The Private Community Platform

All the tools you need to create private digital spaces to bring communities together and achieve almost any imaginable goal.

Whether it is private, neighbourhood communities, corporate companies, departments, school classes, sports teams, events, customers, vendors, management, the list goes on.

With Egsbe you create a safe and personal experience for communities where they can interact, have fun, work, share, learn and transact


A private community platform that is fundamentally different

Egsbe enables you to create your own private, structured and white-labelled community spaces and puts you in complete control over all your content and the actions of your audiences.  

Complete Control

Now you can stay in control of your content and audience

Structure and Easy to Manage

With Egsbe it is easy to structure and manage communication, content and engagement and transaction from the smallest to the largest audiences.


Whitelabel Egsbe so it becomes your own

Channels are the building blocks
of your private community spaces

Your communities are created and structured with one or more channels. 
Channels are digital spaces where people connect and engage to accomplish almost anything you can think of.  

A channel is much more than a social 
media page or a folder, it is an
instant community space loaded with
powerful features, content and custom apps.

Create channels for project teams to work together and have all the information
and tools they need available in one place.  Start a channel to drive a fund raising
campaign for your charity organization.  Maybe a channel to start your own blog and
start building you followers.  Create one or multiple structured channels to connect
and engage with all your branches accross the globe.  You really have no limits!

Create a channel for anything

Move away from fragmented information sets to a centralised hub where everything
is kept together and organized in one place.

When you create a channels for projects, markating campaigns, competitions, blogs, events or whatever the topic or
group might be, you create a powerful hub for your audience to connect,
engage, collaborate, share and take action to
do more, faster. Channel members can use the instant chat to share ideas, get quick decisions and solve problems in record time.




Secret Channels

No one on the Egsbe platform can access these channels accept the people who have been invited to it.

Private Channels

These channels cannot be discovered through searches on Egsbe.  They only appear as sub channels and only existing channnel members can see and join these channels without invite links.

Public Channels

Anyone on the Egsbe platform can search, discover and access these channels. 
Ideal for launching public campaigns. public business channels, open communities and cometitions etc.

Sub Channels

These are channels that added as a child to other channels.  Sub channels inherit owners and administrators from their parent channel.
Channels can have unlimted levels of sub-channels.

Solo Channels

Channels that are not connected to any other channels operate in isolation.  This is ideal for running campaigns, projects, blogs or event or event once-off events.  Usually also connecting with an audience or for a subject that doesnt need fine grained organizing structure.

Limited Channels

You can limit access to channels by user emails, domains and total number of users.  So you can for example only allow 500 users with email adresses from  This is a very powerful feature especially for internal social networks for organizations.

Request A Live Demo

Want to see Egsbe in action. 

Let us give you a grand tour of the platform and see if it can bring a smile to your face.



"What can I use channels for?"

Channels can be created for almost any topic or objective you can think of. 
You can also organise your channels in a way that makes sense to you or fit the way
your organization or community works, not the other way around.
Ultimately you want to build your communities and organize it
exatly the way you want.
Lets look at some examples to get your creative juices flowing.


Central knowledge base

Post your content once and have it available to anyone, anytime. Organically capture your organizational knowledge from on-site collaboration and conversations. Or create a space and populate it with all of your knowledge base articles and how-to's, letting people serve themselves 24/7. You will reduce support emails and phone calls, lower service costs, and create happier customers and prospects.

Customer engagement

Bring your customers even closer into your business by providing each of them with a private communication booth. Not only can you create an online workspace for all of your customers, you can create a space for each one of your individual customers. Provide them a private and safe area where they can communicate and collaborate directly with your team – while keeping all of the conversations and information private to only those you invite into the space.


Training and Onboarding

Empower your new employees to hit the ground running by accelerating their orientation and training. Launch communities for new employees and subject-matter experts so they can connect and help each other. Increase educational engagement and knowledge retention by using both formal and informal learning programs. Learning becomes social, and more fun, and new hires are more effective more quickly.


Project teams

Your people are everywhere, but work gets done here. Give your people the power to self-organize into project teams. Work with people inside and outside your business. Setup secure online workspaces where you can collaborate on tasks, share files, and communicate effectively. And keep your project teams on time and on budget with project updates, requirements, to-do lists, and milestones.



Why let leads flounder on Facebook? Customize and launch a public space for your next campaign, and add images, brochures and new blog posts to it. Add a poll. Answer questions. Let prospects and customers engage with each other while you moderate. Include Pinterest-worthy pics and tweetables, and get SEO juice by driving people to your domain, not Facebook.


Launch a space and invite your entire sales team. Egsbe helps you onboard new sales reps faster and cut training costs, because it puts essential training tools and resources right at their finger tips and connects them to your more experienced sales reps. Upload sales collateral for everyone to access anytime, from anywhere they're located. Your sales reps can ask the rest of your team questions and find the info they need to close deals faster. You can even create deal rooms, where you bring in your leads 

Want to experience the power of your own private community app?