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The world is your oyster

Create your own communities with powerful features that put you in control

Egsby is designed to get you going in no time with your very own structured online communities. Packed with features that will alllow you to connect, engage, collaborate, share and transact in ways you never thought possible.  

Unlimited and Perfectly organized

Create unlimited private and business communities and let Egsby keep it organised for you

Keep all your channels perfectly structured and organized by creating nested channels.  It is up to you how you want to structure your communities.  Egsby adapts to your requirements, not the other way around.



Depending on you package you can create unlimited channels and sub channels

Decide exactly who has acces to which channels and what actions they can perform on your channels.

Post text, images, videos and documents on channels to instantly put it in the hands of your members.

Tag channels posts for easy searching and organizing of content.

Theme your channels with your own slected color, logo and banner.  

Invite people to you channel with emails or use the channel QR code to get them at lightning speed.

Harness the power of Journeys and SmartForms

With Journeys and SmartForms you can create custom apps to gather data, drive action and enable e-learning in your communities.

There are literally thousands of examples of what you can create with activity chains.  Some include polls, applications, attendance registers, todo lists, event entries, resource bookings, inspections, tests and many more.


Journeys and SmartForms

Create almost anything you can think of with many different input types and more still to come. See the next section for the different types.

Lets say you created a competition entry form, you can specify an open and closing date for the entry.

You can specifiy how many total submissions are allowd and also how many per person.

Each activity type has its own settings which combined gives you powerful combinations.

You can see the progress of all your chain submissions at any time.  

See basic reporting on your chain submissions or export the data for use in advanced analytics software.

Input Types

Currently Egsby provides 7 different input types to be used in SmartForms

We are constantly developing new more powerful input types.  Please see our timeline in the section below for new upcoming input types.

User can enter text.  Various settings like max and min length text as well as specific text validation.

Includes single option and multiple option selection.  Can also limit number of option that can be selected as well as set correct options.

Upload images, videos and documents.  Various settings can be configured like how many should be uploaded, what types etc.

Scan a specific QR code to complete tyhe activity.  This is useful in a lot of situations for instance attendance confirmation.

The user must find a preset GPS location to complete the activity.  You can set the min radius the user must reach to complete the activity.

In Egsby you set yourself a 4-digit secret pin.  This serves as your digital signature to sign and confirm requests in Activity Chains.

You can add your dependents on your profile and pre-populate all their details.  This activity type can the request a user to select a dependent.  ~THis is handy for complete school circulars ie. a rugby tour application.

Easily share, manage and find images, videos and documents

Tag images, videos and documents to make super easy to find.  Share your media with your target users through your channels.  They then have access to it anywhere anytime through the egsby mobile app.

The egsby mobile app connects you to the world

With the egsby mobile app you can join channels from all over the world.  Get invited to private channels or start discovering public channels and join in to connect.

Private channels

Join private channels like your kids school rugby team, the church, work project team, sport clubs the list goes on forever

Discover and join public channels

Join public channels and become part of open communities.  

Connect, Engage, Share and Transact

There are so many different types of channels it's almost impossible to think of all the options. 

Some include blogs, e-learning, focus groups, projects, competitions, communities and a million more.

Instantly communicate

If it's enabled on channel you can instantly message the administrators of the channel or maybe even the other members if the channel allows it.

Build a perfect backend

Discover the platform extensible all the way down. Add new ways of managing content to the web app, tap into third-party integrations, and work in the programming language of your choice.